What's Going on in Tennessee?

>> Friday, February 12, 2010

Are you familiar with the name Phil Bredesen? Most people are, he is the Governor. There are some big changes going on by this man and he is not troubled by the state cuts to be taken out from Medicaid, nearly $400 Million, to be exact. People need Medicaid. Back in 2005, he eliminated health insurance for 200,000 people. The downfall for hospitals, occurring from cut backs, is that they will have to incur the debt...which in return means what? Fall back on the tax payers. I just don't understand how some people think. Health care is important, people need it. Later on down the road, Medicaid users could run in a huge problem...kicked out of hospitals after a cap at $10,000. As it is his last year in office, let's see what else he comes up with....

-Khon Phaxai


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