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>> Tuesday, March 9, 2010

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Get that money, ditch the honey-do list! Wait…in this case you may want to do this. If it lands you more money, you want to do it right? Agreed. Well, I was surprised to find this article, Tennesseans due $19.8M in old tax refunds, when I was browsing along. The reason, read the title again, again, okay one more time-again. How often do you hear anything like that? Not often. What is going on? I have been talking to individuals and they have been told by their accountants it could take weeks before their return comes in, it’s bad news for anyone, because we need money.
The article doesn’t say much, as too much would give the IRS away. However, here is the information for you to get even more money, roughly…almost $600.00. Still that is extra money that you could use, right? So, why not become a part of the $1.3 billion of unclaimed money, from the government. Nothing has changed. The deadline like every year for filing your taxes is April 14/15, somewhere around there, if you haven’t done your taxes for the year yet, do it all at once. Gather all your tax information: interest income, mortgage, vehicle tags, bank information, student loans, etc. (for more information you can call 1-800-TAX-FORM or go online http://www.irs.gov/). The most important, the W-2, don’t forget that!
Keep in mind that if you owe money for the past years (2007, 2008, 2009), well, you are not entitled to any of the money. That makes sense. Isn’t that weird how we, the people, can’t owe IRS money or be late, because they’ll charge you but they can owe us? It doesn’t make sense. None the less, make sure you file your 2006 taxes, if you haven’t, and any of the money left over that is not claimed will be going to the Treasury. Don’t lose out on your money!

-Khon Phaxai


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