Consistency When Looking For A Job

>> Thursday, June 10, 2010

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When looking for a job you typically reach out to many outlets, job boards, social media profiles and create resumes, cover letters, portfolios and many other types of files and documents.

One thing that employers are looking for in consistency among these different interaction points. Does you LinkedIn profile show the same story as your cover letter and resume? Does your portfolio contain the same or similar stats and case studies as your application or your interview.

Employers have a good grasp of navigating online profiles as a way to take a quick look into your life and work habits beyond that sheet of white paper or Microsoft Word document.

In a recent article on The Five Thing Job Recruiters Want From You Now, author Jerome Young states that:

Your résumé, cover letter, website, LinkedIn profile and interview remarks should all promote a consistent message. If you change the message in one of those places, update the others. An inconsistent message clouds the credibility of your accomplishments.

This week when you are getting ready to send out your resume to companies and employers that are advertising with the Nashville Employment Guide, be sure that you trace back your steps and you have a consistent message that recruiters can see as a positive influence on your career trajectory.

Happy hunting Tennessee!



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