Veteran's Transition Guide

>> Friday, August 13, 2010

We here at the Memphis and Nashville Employment Guide are catering to veterans in Tennessee with the Veterans Transition Guide. This is a resource for returning military veterans, who need help finding civilian employment, after service in their respective branches. Our goal is to help identify employers that value the unique skill sets that you have learned while serving in the military.  The leadership skills, strategic planning and other abilities that you have acquired give you an advantage in the job hunt. It is our goal to help you highlight those particular attributes for employers to see.

The Veterans Transition Guide outlines various options that you have when it comes to finding the best path to the career that you want after your service in the military. For example, there are a lot of technical schools that can be utilized to help you make the skills that you learned in the military useful within the civilian job market. The schools that we list often comply with military education benefits, so it is easier for you to take advantage of the programs that they offer. We also offer information to make your transition to civilian life an easier one. If you’re a veteran that needs assistance finding employment, you can find our publications at local military instillations, all Veterans’ Affairs (VA) hospitals, workforce offices, National Guard and Reserve Centers VFW and other veteran centers.


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