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This year, 2010, is the year of BIG change, don't you think? Honestly, there has been much change this year (which I am not going to list because that would take forever.)

However, I have found that networking is one of the best availibilites that internet has to offer. After all, technology at its best sometimes...can take hours. But while networking I found this useful information that most, I don't think, are not aware. Information is mainly for companies and recruiters, provided below. This information would provided from: http://2010hireact.com/

The 2010 HIRE Act has many dimensions, but it contains two critically import incentives for businesses to hire unemployed workers:

1.Companies are exempt from paying their 6.2% portion of withholding taxes in 2010 for new employees hired between February 3, 2010 and Jan 1, 2011.
2.Companies can receive up to a $1,000 tax credit for keeping the new employees they hire in 2010 on the books for at least a year.
A few key details:

•Job seekers can qualify for HIRE Act benefits if they have worked up to, but not exceeding, 40 hours during the 60 day period proceeding their hire date.
•For businesses to receive the $1,000 tax credit, the wages they pay a covered employee the second six months of their tenure must be at least 80% of the wages paid during the first six months of their employment.
•Business owners can not take advantage of these benefits to hire relatives. Companies can not fire a current employee and hire a new employee covered by the HIRE Act to take the existing position, unless the original employee quit or was fired for cause.
This website is a resource for job seekers and business owners. Please use and share any of the content you find here to help Americans get back to work.

Please leave a comment about how the 2010 HIRE Act benefited you!

-Khon Phaxai


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