Nashville Job Fair this Wednesday, April 14th

>> Monday, April 12, 2010

Photo by: DVIDSHUB

For those that are looking for a job and tired of need to be at the Smyrna Town Centre, Wednesday, April 14th from 10am-3pm. This event is open to ALL AGES!

Times are tough right now and we know that you are tired of attending job fairs that don't have companies that are looking to fill positions. All you see are schools that are looking to recruit students? Well, you don't have to worry about walking into one of the Employment Guide job fairs and find no one hiring. The reason? We ask that they, recruiter/employers, actually have job openings, even for schools. What does all of this mean for you? Well, there are jobs. It means that you should NOT just walk in to the job fair and walk out without talking to ALL of the employers. That is a major tip when you are attending a job fair. If you are willing to stand in line early in the morning along with other people in hope of finding a job that suits you, why are you NOT willing to spend a little bit more time to actually speak to the employers that are present?

I say this, because I understand the frustration that you, a jobseeker, are going through; however, it does not give you a reason to be rude to the employers/recruiters that are present. If it was not for them there would not be any job fairs or would you get the chance to speak with a recruiter face to face. There are companies that have on-site interviews. Your attitude is a little part of you that makes a BIG difference. Keep that in mind. We all get frustrated from time to time and expect something...something out of nothing even. Don't be so negative, instead think positive.

Also, appreciate those that are at the event. Have you ever about how much time and effort they put into preparing for a job fair? It takes an incredible amount of time. The recruiters/employers that attend the event are present for your benefit. By all means do not be rude and neglect never know, that certain person could end up being your next boss.

Jobseekers of all ages are welcome.


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